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God' is a website where we showcase everyday kids (ages 5 through 12) that honor God by doing what they like to do and recognize Him for their gifts and talents. Every month we'll feature a "God's Mighty Kid." We encourage you to tell us about a child you think we should know about.


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God’s Mighty Kids is a group of young people whose purpose is to show children that they can be strong when they put on The Full Armor God. Our stories show kids, that when we know God’s word, we have power to do anything as long as we carry His word in our hearts. Each character represents children of different ethnicities, genders, physical abilities, and cultures.


This series will touch on such topics such as bullying, peer pressure, having a healthy self-esteem and other subjects that affect kids today. God’s Mighty Kids stories will teach children how to solve problems by putting on the Full Armor of God and use His word to help them. Our stories will be available to download as an ebook or audio file as well as in print.

Mighty Monday Children's Devotions