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Featured Kids:

Is our way of recognizing children who honor God through their talents, actions and trials by giving Him the glory. Please take the time to review the stories provided by the these amazing children. Do you know any kids who honor God through their talents, actions, and trials? If so, is looking for children ages 4 through 12 years old to feature each month on our website. You can help by: Submit names of kids you know with a brief explanation of why they are a God’s Mighty Kid. Support the mighty kids we feature each month by following the links to their personal pages and sites. Finally. Share our website and blog posts to encourage more kids to be Mighty by liking, sharing, retweeting, and pinning our featured kids articles. Join the movement today

January 2015
William & Noah Wilkinson are coauthors of the Christian children's book series entitled God’s Mighty Kids.
February 2015
Degan is a God’s Mighty Kid because he is truly a Prayer Warrior.
March 2015
Johnnie and Jaylon are also Christian Hip Hop recording artist.
April 2015
Morgan, Jess & Madeleine are God's Mighty Kids who honor God through dance.
May 2015
Jocelyn is a God's Mighty Kid because she honors Him every time she steps on the runway.
June 2015
Ethan is a God's Mighty Kid because he honors Him every time he steps on the field.
July 2015
Kissi is a God's Mighty Kid because she honored Him through her trials.
August 2015
Denesse is a God’s Mighty Kid because she is an example of how God wants us to treat others.
September 2015
We truly believe Evan is a God’s Mighty Kid because he always puts his best foot forward.
October 2015
Jai honors God as she recognizes those in need and makes an effort to make a positive difference in their lives.
November 2015
December 2015
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November 2015