Khyrstin (Kyssi) Andrews is our featured kid of the month. We first became familiar with Kyssi towards the middle of 2014 via Kyssi’s Facebook page where she and her mother, known to all as Mommy, provided updates of her surgeries, setbacks, improvements, and adventures. Kyssi was diagnosed with CANcer 4 different times (in her kidney and in both lungs) and she had 3 major surgeries (removal of kidney and 2 lung surgeries). She was diagnosed with CANcer in April and June of 2014 and was given a less than 20% chance of survival. Kissi underwent multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments before receiving a stem-cell transplant in April of 2015. Sadly, Kissi was called home to be with the Lord on June 7, 2015.  


Through all this, Kyssi boldly proclaimed her faith in God’s ability to heal to her 330,000 followers on facebook; which is more people than most of us will ever influence in our lifetime. She was a role model to people of all ages dealing with serious health challenges to “Keep Calm and Pray On” and to live in the moment. Since following her, Kyssi became an honorary Texas State Trooper, she lead the first Tee-Off on the 1st hole at the 24th Annual Matt Mucil All Star Golf Classic, and she had fun as she played the drums after church, which she attended faithfully. Most of all, she has been a source of inspiration to other kids that she has met along the way… all while battling CANcer. Did we mention, she did it all with style and a smile? We don’t always get to know why God chooses us to be here or why He chooses us to experience life’s difficult challenges, but we do know that He has a perfect plan. Even though she was not healed physically, Kyssi is free from disease, free from suffering, and free from pain!


Kyssi is our featured kid of the month because she truly is a God’s Mighty Kid.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


You can honor Kyssi's memory by supporting her organization has been established for children around the world battling PEDIATRIC CANcer. It will ensure that there will be substantial MUCH NEEDED AWARENESS around the world, support for families and that there is help for family immediate needs.

July 2015

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