Johnnie and Jaylon are Christian Hip Hop recording artists. Their love for music and Christ inspired them to create inspirational music for youth around the world. Johnnie and Jaylon’s debut single, Clap, was released on August 12, 2014 and is available on iTunes or anywhere digital music is sold.


Johnnie received the "Voice of Courage" award, for being an advocate for children who have been sexually assaulted. He advocates alongside Angela Williams and her organization (Voice Today). The boys donated 5k to the organization in 2014, via work they did for Rack Room Shoes. Voice Today honored Johnnie at their annual Legacy Ball. He opened the event with prayer and gave an encouraging speech to the survivors, after he received his award. Johnnie takes his advocacy work serious. He says, "If I can help one child, then my work is done". These boys are really God's Mighty Kids. They often leave their parents in awe. Johnnie and Jaylon know exactly where their gifts, talents, and blessings comes from because they truly love the Lord.


Johnnie and Jaylon were discovered by XXI Century Entertainment, at the age of 4 & 5. After being showcased in Atlanta, the brothers were signed exclusively to, People Store Talent Agency. Johnnie and Jaylon have appeared in commercials, feature films, stage plays, magazines and national print ads, as cover and feature models. They are most known for their role in Russ Parr’s holiday film, A Christmas Blessing.


Johnnie and Jaylon will be releasing their first EP Album, in April 2015. They’re also featured in the upcoming film, Sons 2 The Grave, which will be in theaters later this year. To keep up with release dates and future projects, please follow Johnnie and Jaylon on:






March 2015

January 2015
William & Noah Wilkinson are coauthors of the Christian children's book series entitled God’s Mighty Kids.
February 2015
Degan is a God’s Mighty Kid because he is truly a Prayer Warrior.
March 2015
Johnnie and Jaylon are also Christian Hip Hop recording artist.
April 2015
Morgan, Jess & Madeleine are God's Mighty Kids who honor God through dance.
May 2015
Jocelyn is a God's Mighty Kid because she honors Him every time she steps on the runway.
June 2015
Ethan is a God's Mighty Kid because he honors Him every time he steps on the field.
July 2015
Kissi is a God's Mighty Kid because she honored Him through her trials.
August 2015
Denesse is a God’s Mighty Kid because she is an example of how God wants us to treat others.
September 2015
We truly believe Evan is a God’s Mighty Kid because he always puts his best foot forward.
October 2015
Jai honors God as she recognizes those in need and makes an effort to make a positive difference in their lives.
November 2015
Collin honors God when he exhibits Christ-like compassion for those around him.
December 2015
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