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Welcome to our Purchasing Center. We pride ourselves in publishing books that allow children to experience firsthand the various forms of praising and worshipping God. In addition, our new library of story books follow "The Angels of Agape" on their journeys as they encourage children though the trials they face on a day to day basis. We will also keep you informed of new releases of book titles and other merchandise when you partner with us to Engage, Empower & Educate our Christian youth.

Traci's Praise

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“Traci’s Praise” is a wonderful and imaginative means to teach children different ways of honoring God, which are supported by scripture. Throughout the story, a tree named Traci is teaching a young child, your child, how to give God praise as she demonstrates and explains why giving God His glory is so important. Traci’s form of praise changes along with the seasons.  Her praise varies from dancing to singing and everything in between. The vivid and colorful illustrations will capture your little angel’s attention and the easy to follow rhythm of the poem will allow your little angel to remember and recite the story along with you as you read. “Traci’s Praise” is a great interactive teaching tool for believers young and old.

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