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Author Bio

W. Wilkinson III

Angels of Agape is proud to showcase our children’s author W. L. Wilkinson.  This dedicated husband and father was inspired by the birth of his first son in 2007 to find new and whimsical ways to instill the word of God into the youth of today while also teaching the power of praise, prayer, and worship. Mr. Wilkinson believes in the edification of Christian principles to our children in the early stages of their lives so they will become a stronger body of Christ for tomorrow.  He is a firm advocate of parents sowing into their children, and in due time, they will reap a bountiful harvest. Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Mr. Wilkinson has committed himself to teaching children and now he expands his ministry to spread the word of God through his books. His books entitled, The ABC’s of Scripture: from Anointed to Zealous, Traci’s Praise, Wild Praise, Glorious Praise and  RAPHA: God My Healer can be purchased on our website.

Angels of Agape Pubishing

Since 2007


Angels of Agape Publishing has been distributing Christian children’s books since 2007, with the idea of helping children retain basic Christian principles all while enjoying the story being told. AoA Publishing released it’s first book “The ABC’s of Scripture: from anointed to zealous” and is producing quality Christian storybooks to this day. AoA Publishing's goal had been to provide the Christian community with children's books that are engaging, empowering, and educational. Every book has a Biblical message that allows young listeners to participate in the story when given the chance. Every storybook published by Angels of Agape Publishing begins with the opening line "There once was a child who looked just like you..."  to invite any child of any age, gender, and race to imagine themselves as the child in the story. This introduction helps children internalize the message that is being read and enables children to personally relate to the lesson within the story.

Radio Interview

Harvest Radio  WKMB 1070 AM with Melissa & Friends 2014

The Angels of Agape


The Angels of Agape are messengers of God who deliver God’s word to children in need of encouragement. The messages cover such topics as having a healthy self-esteem, anti-bullying, leadership, healing, faith in God, prayer, praise and so much more. Each character is given a Biblical name of God so children can begin to learn and understand the many different roles that our Savior plays in each of our lives. In a world where children are taking their lives because of outside influences around them, we aim to instill the power of God’s word within them at an early age and on a level they can understand. The Angels of Agape’s purpose is to build a stronger body of young believers today to ensure a healthy, confident, and driven body of Christ for tomorrow. The Angels of Agape will be found in books published by Angels of Agape Publishing geared toward children ages 3 to 9, and will minister to children through devotions in both written and audio formats, puzzles, games, crafts and other activities, such as coloring, with the option to print or color right on the computer screen itself.

Promotional Book Trailers & Videos

The book trailers are an important part of our marketing strategy and provide a quick inside look into what is to come.  The trailer above showcases the first book a series which features RAPHA, one of The Angels of Agape.

In the future, our characters will appear in their own video shorts which will also contain Biblical lessons that will engage, empower & educate children as they enjoy singing and laughing along.



During one of the book signings for RAPHA, a patron jokingly asked my oldest son if he had written the book. He smiled and said "No, but I do want to be an author." With much excitment and enthusiasm, I began to think of ways to encourage him to follow his dreams. The plan is that we will introduce his story and characters in the next book that I publish. Out of this encounter, P34N was born!


P34N is the code name for this project. We have recruted my youngest son to give his input and be a part of the team. I love the idea that I get to introduce them to the world of writting. The ideas and strories are all their own and with my guidance and help we will bring thier stories to life. you can follow our journy on facebook or follow #P34N to get updates on our progress as I document all the heighs and lows while I figure out how to balance making them work through the process and keep their interest. Writing/Story Telling is an art and like anything else requires hard work and dedication. Stay tuned...

God's Mighty Kids


The final product which began as P34N has evolved into a website designed to encourage children to honor God with their gifts and talents and a series of stories that will teach children to religh on the word of God to solve their problems. This series will touch on such topics as bullying, peer pressure, having a healthy self-esteem and other subjects that affect kids today. God’s Mighty Kids stories teach children how to solve problems by putting on the Full Armor of God and use His word to help them. Our stories will be availible to download as an ebook or audio file and in print.