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Here at Angels of Agape Publishing we specialize in providing events that connect with our young audience on every level. To ensure our messages are retained by each individual, we incorporate many learning styles into our books and activities. Every event has a component that children can hear, see, recite, write and act out physically. Our stories are imaginative, interactive and fun for both the reader and the participant. We have taken the time to develop and test each publication before it is published to make certain children will enjoy the materials we provide.

Story Hour

​​​During our Story Hours we provide the following activities to make the event a memorable experience for the children to enjoy: ​Praise & Worship Songs, Letter of the Day, Story, and Craft.​ ​In addition, each child will receive:​ Personalized Gift, Goodie Bag, and an Autographed copy of the featured book

Book Signings

​Book signings and special appearances are services that we provide for our authors to inspire children by participating in a Q&A session and meeting the public. Book Signings can be a stand alone event or it may be an added component to a special event or fundraiser. ​

Guest Speaker

During our Guest Speaking events. the presenter delivers a message on topics that are relevant to today's youth and on a level they will understand. We encourage questions and we gladly welcome audience participation.

Writing Workshop

During the Writing Workshop children go through a writing exercise that will touch on the different aspects of the publishing process. At the end, children will have edited, illustrated and designed a hard-covered book for their ministry’s library.